Dream Home or Money Pit?

The dream of home ownership crosses the minds of millions of people every year.  The thought of having something that you can call your own or a symbol of your hard work and dedication is a badge of honor we all strive for.  However, making sure that we are buying a home and not a money pit is the responsibility of a residential home inspections shelburne vt.

What is a home inspection?

residential home inspections shelburne vt

A home inspection is where a member of code enforcement comes to a residence and makes sure that it is structurally sound, free of termites and doesn’t have items such as lead paint, asbestos and other problems.  This is a requirement in order to close on the house as well as to get homeowners insurance.

General maintenance

One way to ensure that your home will pass inspection is to do regular maintenance on it.  This means keeping your grass cut so rodents and other animals don’t make nests in your home.  Repairing damaged walls and floors as well as making sure that windows and doors are sealed from water damage.

Home improvements

Home improvements and upgrades are always a good idea.  Over time building codes change and improve.  These changes may require you to upgrade wiring, remove hazardous materials and more.  When making home improvements consult your local code enforcement officers as well as homebuilders in your area.  They can give you tips and tricks to where to put your money that will give you the best return on investment when selling your home.


Bugs are a nightmare.  Termites are also a major menace.  It is a wise idea to have your home inspected and treated for bug and insect damage.  Many people don’t realize that these creatures love to hide and make their home in your homes.