Making the Garage Better

Garage floor epoxy

You have a nice garage and you want to do some things to spruce it up. Right now, it is just a concrete slab with four walls and a big garage door. It is pretty plain to look at and you are concerned mainly about the floors. That is a great place to start for a spruce up.


There are basically two types of coatings you can put on a garage floor. One of them is paint and the other is Garage floor epoxy. Both are usually applied yourself with a roller. You may want to consider the epoxy for its advantages or you may want to go with paint for a more temporary solution.

The paint will eventually chip off so you want to get a very strong paint that is made for concrete floors. You want the longest lasting floor application you can have. That is why epoxy is going to be favored.

Mats and Tiles

There are certain kinds of mats that you can lay out as garage flooring. You simply have to find them at a hardware supermarket or you could look online.

Then you have the tiles. You can go with porcelain or ceramic, but those do have limitations. Eventually they do crack and the grout between can come up. The mats have more integrity. But then there are plastic tiles made just for garage floors and they tend to last a little longer.

Finishing the Floor

No matter what, you want to get a good moisture barrier and a lasting floor with lasting color. That all goes back to the epoxy flooring. You should look into special epoxy flooring made just for garages. That is the kind of flooring that will stand up to the wear and tear over the years.

Whatever floor you choose, go with the stronger options.

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